Samantha Briggs

Artist Member

I am a self-taught artist and like many, my talent for art emerged in my young years.  Much as I loved drawing and painting back then and despite my art teacher encouraging me to pursue an artistic career, I turned away from my creative side and so began a career as a police officer.  I have no regrets about my chosen path but I am left in wonder about how that precious ability lay dormant within me for so long, waiting to re-emerge at the right time.  After far too many art deprived years and now retired from the police I have the space, mentally and physically, as well as the time to dedicate to my practice.

So, it is no surprise that I come from a background of experiencing intense situations, where tensions are highly charged and emotions are raw.  The fragility of life, chaotic scenes require me to notice the less obvious detail and be intuitive, sensitive, and direct.  All of this now influences the way I am as a person as well as my artwork.  I seek and remain fascinated by expression and evanescence, capturing these fleeting moments of time in art form.  Whether my subject is human, animal, still life or landscape, my aim is the same…to portray the less obvious detail with sensitivity and atmosphere”.