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Last summer, One Ren at last replied to our Lawyers letter dated (March 2021) asking for talks. It contained no date of any meeting nor any offer of a suitable place for our large exhibition in Paisley – more

A ‘Sma shot’ in the foot  – I don’t think anyone has realised the inevitable end result of One Ren selecting a brief without a municipal art gallery for its Scottish and international  collections and no permanent contemporary art exhibition space – more

This year should see a turning point. We have waited since 2019 to be asked for our ‘story’ in the museum and a place to continue our charitable purchases in Paisley. The decision makers here don’t appreciate the importance of the collection we have built up and have not been to see the scale of our busy, popular, exhibitions – more

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There’s no place like home, but the Show Must Go on

In many ways, the best place for the west of Scotland to have its largest municipal Galleries, open to living artists, is Paisley. The town is compact, centred by a historic Abbey, full of listed buildings and, as a satellite of Glasgow, is within easy reach.

That’s where the Paisley Art Institute was installed, safely, with a contract to share with the town, and later, even, a renowned collection, under the watch of art minded people.

It has now been made clear that the chosen plan has been to have no temporary exhibition space in the reimagined museum.

It doesn’t take a feasibility report to realise this is a major disadvantage !  While the Institute  awaits the solution to the problem OneRen has created, we looked for other prestigious venues.

The lovely thing about being a longstanding  group is that each year you get to catch up with friends. People enjoyed meeting their art teacher or those who went through art school with them.

One of our major prizes is – ‘ The James Curr award.’

Last year, it was won by  Ayrshire artist, Margaret Johnston, but she also has a Paisley connection. In the 80’s she worked for the Paisley museum and Art galleries. In 1988, she was there to meet the Queen at the Paisley ‘500 years a Burgh’ celebrations.

She wanted to know about James Curr. He was our longest serving member of the Institute. He lived to the good age of 99 and amazed us as he was still able to help hang shows in his 90’s. He still was a good driver, still bright and articulate. He had picked up 6 languages as he travelled the world in his long career as personal secretary to the Coats. As a young lad, he picked up prizes for drawing in our children’s competition, then held down in George Street,  and now part of the Uni campus. He was a passionate member and wished to continue his support by setting up his award to encourage artistic endeavour.

Memberships with PAI

Paisley Art Institute is enjoying an influx of applications for artist membership. Art is on the up and PAI is on an upturn. We would love to welcome more Lay Members. If you collect or simply love Art, and you want to meet some friendly, cultured people, email us at Membership@paisleyartinstitute.org with your contacts. We are also on Facebook, visit  https://www.facebook.com/pai1876/

We are the reason Paisley has an art collection in the Museum store, and it has not been displayed since the 80’s, except when PAI insisted for our anniversary in 2015.