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PAI Galleries update-

Since 1876 the Art Institute has been the hub of rewarding a high level of artistic talent not only in Paisley but throughout Scotland.
The museum team have not yet agreed to discuss with the current committee the huge issue their mistaken reimagining plans have created. Instead, they have decided that the 6 custom built art galleries will no longer have space for the PAI Annual Exhibitions of contemporary art.
This cannot happen to Paisley because we have a legal agreement, and it has been the custom and use for over 100 years of sharing.
Members need not be concerned for the Institute. We are flourishing. Art is on the rise. Budding creatives need our prestigious galleries. We have launched careers with our awards, recognising new talent and enriching CV’s. We have more members each year and need all of our 6 gallery spaces.
There’s no place like home!
Former committee made heroic efforts trying to find suitable temporary venues and found nothing except an empty shop. A later attempt to use shop space ended in failure to even have the annual show as the space became tenanted!
We need our base back. All we need is to share according to the agreement!

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