Become a member of PAI

Support Paisley Art Institute by joining as a Member.

We offer two types of membership.  Membership applications are considered annually at the AGM usually around 31st October.

  • Artists Membership – download application form here
  • Lay Membership

Activities of the PAI

  • An Annual Exhibition – large scale show running 6-8 weeks annually featuring between 400-600 works.
  • A Biennial Drawing Competition – medium-scale exhibition running 4 weeks featuring between 100-200 works.
  • A Workshop progamme – (Free of charge to members) creative learning workshops for visual artists led by diverse, skilled and experienced artists members.
  • Diploma of the PAI – an award of merit in recognition of artist members who have shown excellence in their field. An award of post-nominal credentials (letters after your name) ‘PAI’.


  • Become a recognised member of a long-standing prestigious art institution.
  • Be listed on the PAI members pages on our website, featuring your biography, details of your work and art practice and up to 5 images of your choice.
  • Your contact details, web and social media accounts listed on your member’s profile page.
  • Preferential rates for entering a number of artworks to the Annual Exhibition or Drawing Competition. (Open entrants can usually enter less works than members)
  • Sell your artwork through our Exhibition programmes.
  • Listed as a member in our Exhibition Catalogues.
  • Invited to opening nights, private views and other parties or functions.
  • Become eligible to stand for the voluntary committee and thereby influence the decision-making process.
  • Become connected to other artist members living and working in Scotland.
  • Promote your own work and projects through our social media channels.
  • Remember to ask, when buying art materials or framing if PAI membership entitles you to a discount. We have confirmed it will be available at Millers, who are also continuing their award at our next exhibition. Others in the scheme, before lockdown hardship, were Smiths, and our local Paisley Causeyside Street and Renfrew framers. This Spring, we have now added Arthire, where they will give members 10% off their bill.

Artist Membership is open to any practicing artist in the visual arts whose work may be considered suitable for exhibition.  Applicants are invited to apply each year prior to each Annual General Meeting usually held in late October.

Application process –

Please help us save fees and choose bank transfer

  1. Direct banking payments can be made to ‘Paisley Art Institute’ Sort Code 80-07-74 Account no. 00701385.  If you choose to pay by this method please email the Membership Secretary and include your full name, postal address and telephone number
  2. Once you have paid please follow these further instructions about submitting artwork for review by the Selection Panel.
  3. Artist applicants will be selected on or around 31st October. Applicants may be required to bring work to a physical location for reviewing. Details will be issued nearer to the selection date.
  4. A Selection Panel will make decisions on the applicants considered.
  5. Successful applicants will be notified by email.
  6. Successful applicants will be asked to make a £10 top-up payment, which along with the original application fee is the first year’s subscription.
  7. Thereafter artist members renew each year by 31st October at current annual rate of £25.

Lay membership is open year-round to anyone interested or involved in the arts who wishes to support the mission of the charity. Applicants can join at any time of year.

Application process

  • Make an application using our Bank Transfer option.
  • Application Fee £15
  • You can now receive a digital membership card to display on your phone.
  • Thereafter lay members renew each year by 31st October at current annual rate of £15.

You can contact the Membership Secretary at:

Please include your full name, postal address and telephone number when enquiring.