Robert Innes

Artist Member, Life Member

‘Whether he is working in oil or watercolour, on a sun-baked hillside in Southern France or a windswept beach in Scotland, Robert Innes has the rare ability to transport you to the spot at which his painting was created. With his latest work, he continues to develop his favourite themes, experimenting both with greater use of watercolour and much bolder impasto effects in oil. With scenes from France you can feel the dry heat and smell the balsam from the pine trees; with the beach and sea-scapes the water is never far away in his work and you can hear the crashing waves. Robert has never been constrained by the canvas and he continues to try out different shapes and scales that he feels suit his subject matter best. Intriguingly a stronger figurative element is also emerging and it will be interesting to see how this develops.
Having a painting by Robert on your wall is to possess a work by an artist who is truly committed to his profession. In today’s fast-moving and uncertain world, it will also remind you of the need to slow down and simply appreciate the natural beauty of the landscape… which is no bad thing for any of us.’

James Ogilvy, Ogilvy & Co

‘Robert Innes is a self-confessed ‘plein air’ painter whose work very much attests to this.
His work ranges from the Southern light of Aix-en-Provence to the more demanding light of Argyll in the West of Scotland. It is obvious that he is at home in both climes and tackles each subject with a fresh and natural talent which, at times, is concerned with a tranquil and serene approach and, at other times is much more dynamic.
That Robert is a committed painter is without doubt and the fact that he has amassed so much work is further proof of his dedication. He has exhibited widely in Scotland, includung the Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts, the Compass gallery,and Roger Billcliffe Fine Art, Glasgow. Robert Innes is married to Louise, an opera singer.’

The late James D. Robertson: Past President, Royal Scottish Academy PPRSA RSW RGI