Peter Graham

Artist Member

Born in Glasgow 1959 Peter Graham is one of Britain’s foremost Modern Colourists. His work is often related to the modern Scottish school of painters, but Peter has a flamboyant style which is unique – detailed brush work combined with looser fluid strokes creating vibrant contrasts of pure colour, line and tone. From 1976 – 1980 Peter trained at the Glasgow School of Art under David Donaldson, Limner to the Queen, and Barbara Rae RA.

Peter has maintained a lifelong preoccupation with light and intense colour gaining in the process a national and international reputation for his highly distinctive style. Whenever possible Peter works ‘en plein air’, directly from life, be it the harbours and cafes of France, coastal scenes around the Scottish isles, or the grandeur of New York and London dining rooms. “Often because of my approach I can attract onlookers, which can be quite revealing as you can see what kind of reaction you are getting to your painting – a sort of instant criticism. Generally people are very polite and understand that the painting is in progress and still developing” Peter lives and works in Glasgow, dividing his time between painting in his ‘Greek’ Thomson studio and travelling the world with his unique palette.