Maria Savva

My name Maria Savva, I come from Athens, Greece and I live in Glasgow since the March of 2020. I studied at Athens School of Fine Art in 2015-16 and I have recently applied for the GSA (BA) painting and printmaking department. The drawing I am presenting comes from a project I am developing called "Bunker". The "bunker" is based on the story of the thousands of bunkers that were built in Albania (the birthplace of my parents) during the totalitarian regime 1945-1991. During this time the Dictator of Albania did everything he could to isolate Albania by all means of communication and contact beyond the borders and built thousands of Bunkers around the country to prevent any possible enemy. The bunkers still exist there today as a reminder of those times. Some are abandoned while others have conveyed into restaurants, tattoo studios, pubs, etc.