Hanna Kaciniel

Hanna Kaciniel Was born in 1978 in Poland. As a young child, her Grandfather spent time with Hanna, teaching her how to draw, not knowing that his actions would bring her to where she is today. Hanna went to Art School in Koszalin where she moved to at the age of 15, Koszalin offered her a broad-based 5-year course that included art history, economics, and intensive art-based content. It would give her the foundation of her art career.
She came to Scotland with the objective that she could build her earnings to give her the time and space to develop her painting style. She has settled( married to a Scot David) and they have a lovely daughter Halina.
She re-positioned from a classical style into, what is a relatively unpopulated space-modern art in Scotland. In her new Pop Art she is giving us a new art form that we have been waiting for. All the cheeky rebelliousness of Pop Art in an updated contemporary setting. Still life(not flowers) that mirrors modern society and culture.