Ellen McCann

Artist Member

I was born and brought up in rural Aberdeenshire. This has provided me with a strong interest in the countryside.  I studied sculpture at Gray’s School of Art and have always continued my practice as a visual artist. I have a studio in Elsrickle with a rural outlook and inspiration comes from the garden and the landscape when travelling. I exhibit regularly and occasionally open my studio to the public.

Landscape provides endless opportunities for artistic response; my current focus is on points of change – for example: plants at various stages of their life cycle, landscape being shaped by the elements and fragile forms in nature. Natural growth and decay provide inspiration for my work.
I work directly with the raw material after initial drawings. My sculpture is made with stoneware clay and is constructed using slabs, coils then carved and glazed.

This tryptich sculpture was started at the beginning of lockdown and was completed just before regulations were relaxed . Inspiration came from the garden when new growth was beginning to appear after the winter season and the plants were coming together .It is glazed with a white glaze which unifies the three pieces.