Chick McGeehan

Artist Member

Studied drawing and painting Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art 1971-75.  Awarded post-graduate scholarship 1976.

Work in private collections in the U.K., Norway, Germany, Canada. and Australia.

My work is concerned with a variety of subjects. I enjoy working from the human figure both in traditional portraiture and nude studies. Although much of my work is observational it can act as spring-board for the dramas that I like to invent where individuals and couples inhabit a solitary world or act out some unknown relationship often with an element of tension in the air. I also like to study the urban landscape both in an observational context and as background material for other works. Ayrshire skies also make stunning subjects as works in their own right but they too can provide a backdrop for other work. I occasionally work from still life. My interests in blues and jazz have provided me with much inspiration over the years to produce work featuring some of the great jazz and blues artists. I have recently turned to the Ayrshire coast for inspiration and to this end I have embarked on a series of paintings exploring the light and atmosphere of the harbours and the coastline.