Socialising is back

5th October 2022

Paisley Art Institute 133rd Annual Exhibition
29th October – 3rd December
Glasgow Art Club 185 Bath Street Glasgow G2 4HU
11am – 5pm subject to club events

Welcome to a new experience ! At last, socialising is back. This year’s exhibition has  even more to see and do. You have a listed building to see round with elegant art nouveau details. Then check out the large gallery and the upstairs one and the small pictures area, stretching from the bar to the dining room. 

Normally, there’s a glass of wine and when it’s done that’s it! Think about it, this is an exhibition with dining tables, sofas and a bar. The best plan is to  come with a group of friends. Phone to see if you can book a table and a bottle of wine. The club’s wines are always specially good. Ask what they have to eat. There’s usually gateau. Cafetieres of coffee or tea. If not too crowded they can make a Cappuccino. Soup and a sandwich?

If it’s the time for the Wed lunch time concerts and you can’t see the main gallery for an hour, you can go to the upstairs gallery first and see the art all round the club. 

Remember, you are welcome guests but it is a club and members may have booked areas for an event for an hour or two. Choose your day of visit and check what’s on. Here is the Art club phone number to save looking it up – 0141 248 5210

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