Quo Vadis

26th April 2022

Art for Ukraine –
Joe Hargan’s picture for Ukraine fundraising auction.

‘Quo vadis?’

The title was hard, as the usual humour may be inappropriate but we want it to be uplifting, not heavy. As far as we know the buildings pictured are in Kiev. It would be interesting to hear from the Ukranian contacts, who will receive the donation, any comment on their significance. We think the centre is Saint Michael’s Monastery, the archangel Michael on the column is in independence Square, and the other figure is the Motherland statue. The love heart token on the table is beside the colours of Kiev, quietly. Sniffy offers food, representative of Ukraine’s abundant wheat production feeding the world, and the dog is questioning with an eye on the ball. Quo vadis is ‘where are you going’  as 5 million people are forced to ask themselves. The little dog reminds us of the cruel tearing apart of families as some struggle to take pets with them whilst for others, tragically, it wasn’t manageable. We are witnessing the dispora of a sovereign country.

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