Open entry results available

20th April 2023

Congratulations !

Dear Open entrant,

If your name is listed, you are invited to proceed to the physical hand in.
Hand in Saturday 29th  and Sunday 30th April 10am –5pm
Maclaurin galleries, Ayr.

Also please submit a smart label, use this link to complete the form –

by the 20th April,  and complete your submission fee, (not hanging fee) of £10 per work as soon as possible.

Mark Goodwin     
D. McNeice
Colin Mackay
Jenny Brown
Robert Eeles 
Julie Telfer
Lynn Bingham 
Liza Brown
Maryel Fitzrandolph
Liz Sumner
Val Menon 
Kerry Souter
Lesley Lockett 
Julie Telfer
Allison Nardini 
Sheila Page
Lisa Derrick 
Tricia Irvine
Dorothy Fisher 
Lesley Donaghy
Morag Stevenson
Ryan Mutter
Shelagh Atkinson
Abi Black
Christine McInally
Ian McPhail
Iain McAuley   
Irene Marcuson
Paul A  Trainor 
Joan Lawson
Elena Kourenkova 
Emilio Fazzi
Libby Parkhurst
Karen Maxted
Alan Aitchison 
Stephen Smith
Jason P Davis   
Jeanette Kay
Danielle Strachan 
Damien Henry
Michael Durning   
Rosanne Barr
Louise Higgins
Shelagh Greg

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