How did we enjoy our 133rd Annual at GAC

9th February 2023

Our Paisley galleries number six, hanging usually 5-600 works and offering space for larger pieces and more free standing sculpture. We had to scale down.

We have more members than we could invite to their own opening, on this occasion!
Until this refurb, our preview nights gave our galleries the busiest night of the year, with 6-700 visitors, whilst here, at the Art Club, the health and safety regulations were to keep the main gallery to 100. Our show was always in the fine weather of spring temperatures, not worried by train strikes and staff shortages due to pandemic cut backs, and hours curtailed to save gas costs.

However, as an alternative venue during the refurbishment it was a resounding success! Our members followed advice and cut back overlarge or numbers of works, which meant less rejections and more happy members. They also took the advice to come as groups and enjoy the hospitality. Artists who tutor brought their class and chatted over lunch. The show was wide ranging in styles and price range, with over 300 works hung.

As invigilators, we were kept busy all day meeting the most supportive and delighted visitors. Momentum seemed to build till there were queues at the door as we opened. Sales kept us busy too, discussing frames to be changed so a pair could be purchased, or reserving something till the spouse could see it.

Buyers came from all over UK. One day, at closing time, 4 French speakers came in with their dog and bought a picture to be delivered to London. We also benefitted from passers-by and from being in city centre as much as from being an ‘ART area’, as people came to see Billcliffe’s new gallery and then came in as they saw our banner. We are also opposite the Glasgow gallery and next to Scotland Art.

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