Submission Guidelines

New Online Application Process

All artists must register their entries online at this site.

Step 1. – Create an account

  • You will need to create an account by signing up to Submittable before accessing the entry form.
  • Use your own email address as you will receive confirmation emails to authorise access. There are also options to sign up via an existing Facebook or Google account.
  • Use an email account where you want to receive and read messages as all exhibition correspondence from us will be via the email you use.
  • Please type carefully using upper and lower case as appropriate.  Please do not use all CAPS or any special characters.
  • You will find online help articles on Submittable at
  • If you need assistance with this online process please

Step 2. – Completing the form

  1. Enter your postal address and telephone no.
  2. Please ignore ‘State/Province’ option and leave blank.  Next choose your ‘State/region’ and use this for your postal County or region.
  3. Enter your Entrant type.
  4. Enter your full name (artist’s name).
  5. Enter your artist’s statement, about your experience and something about the artwork you are submitting (250 words max.).
  6. Enter your social media or web accounts. Use full hyperlinks such as “http://www…..” or https://www….” etc.
  7. Please note you cannot edit your submission after completing the payment stage. We advise you to go carefully and type slowly and clearly.

Step 3. – Uploading Images

  1. Click “Choose file” in the Artwork 1 box”. Go to the file location of your artwork image/photograph and select and upload.
  2. Please note the acceptable following file format types:  *.csv, .doc, .docx, .odt, .pdf, .rtf, .txt, .wpd, .wpf, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .svg, .tif, .tiff, .3gp, .avi, .flv, .m4v, .mkv, .mov, .mp4, .mpg, .webm, .wmv.
  3. Please note that you should name your files using short filenames. Put the longer ‘work’ text in the description boxes after the file upload. Using short filenames with no special characters as follows:  “abdcefgh1.jpg” (where ‘abcdefgh’ is a useful word) Use no spaces, hyphens, dashes, quotes, brackets or symbols or your files may not upload.
  4. Artists may submit works of any physical size.
  5. Please ensure you correctly Title and describe your work. Title, Medium, Dimensions, Price – use Title Case and do not use any special characters or quotation marks, separate words by commas only. Example: Blue Boats, Acrylic, 50cmx50cm, £150   (prices can be both FRAMED or UNFRAMED).
  6. ONE uploaded image per work is required. Please ensure you include good quality images that will do justice to your work and that adhere to the file type specifications noted on the submission site. We recommend JPG files of about 1600 pixels wide and 2MB in file size. No files larger than 5mb please.  Moving image and digital files are also accepted.
  7. An additional field is provided, after Image1+2, so that you may provide one external hyperlink to any alternative views of your artwork, should it be 3d, sculptural or installation based. Please use “http://” or “https://” when entering/copying your hyperlink from source. Use no spaces.
  8. Please also consider the following: When making your submission it is essential you get a good and true capture of your work. Good quality digital images via cameras or phones are acceptable. If your work is three-dimensional, you may include only one external hyperlink to a larger file for alternative views. Ensure your work is positioned straight within the camera picture frame or phone or tablet screen. Think about a neutral background if you are not going to crop your image (to its edges) A little amount of digital editing is permitted but only if it is enhancing and reflecting your work. Remember your work is potentially for sale and we want it to look like it would on a gallery wall. Work can be shown framed or unframed.
  9. If you require any technical support with documenting your work please contact our Exhibition Convenor.

Step 4.

Payment for your Submission is made at the end of the registration process. Payments are accepted by Paypal, or debit or credit card. Entries will not be accepted without payment and refunds will not be offered for works not selected, or applications not completed by the deadline. Submission fees are non-refundable.

Note: PC/Mac/Ipad/Tablet/Iphone/other mobile devices

Please note that you should check your Time/Date/Region/Language settings in your device to ensure that they are set to Country/Region=United Kingdom, Language=English (United Kingdom), Date format=DD/MM/YYY, & Time zone=UTC+0, Dublin, Lisbon, Edinburgh.  These will ensure your entry displays correctly and in UK GBP £.

We note that not all browsers, tablets, Ipads will display region and £ correctly.  We cannot control these data settings in Submittable.  Please, therefore, ignore $ signs and ensure when making your payment it is £ GBP when in Paypal payment stage.