Selected Artists

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Paisley Art Institute would like to thank artists for taking the time to enter their work to the 132nd PAI Annual which due to the COVID-19 Lockdown has had to become an online event. We had an overwhelming response to our call for work. From an open call, we received 628 entries. Just over 60% of artworks submitted were from Open Entrants. We had a wonderful range of works from artists across all stages of their careers. As this year’s PAI is online, we have capped this year’s offer to a display of four hundred works to aid the viewer’s experience. We hope this will allow for a varied and enjoyable visitor experience, whilst at the same time, creating the space to reflect and view artworks, effectively in a virtual space. The complexity of considering works for this virtual context has made the business of selecting the PAI Annual in 2020 both really interesting and challenging. We selected specifically for the situation we are in and this year’s Annual will be like no other.

The exhibition will be launched on 25th July 2020.