Sale of Artwork

Sales Terms and Conditions


  1. All works entered may be for sale.
  2. Sales are subject to 35% commission. The price of work is shown on the online submission form and is the total price payable by the purchaser (excluding any postage & packaging).
  3. Artists registered for VAT must enter their VAT number on the online submission form.
  4. Any private sale of the work must immediately be intimated to the PAI Sales office, otherwise a sale made through the PAI shall have precedence.


  1. Under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 it is the general rule that in the absence of any agreement to the contrary, copyright of a work of art belongs to the artist or his/her heirs and assigns.
  2. By submitting work, unless contacted by the artist in writing to say otherwise, the artist grants the PAI permission to use the photographs and/or film submitted for media and marketing purposes, including the right to free reproduction for any catalogue, poster, website or other non-commercial promotional material in connection with the exhibition.


  1. Sales purchase orders will be notified to artists at the end of the exhibition period.
  2. Artists and purchasers, by submission and by purchase, give consent for their contact details to be exchanged.
  3. Artists will be responsible for sending any artwork by their own courier arrangement. PAI will provide artists with the buyer’s delivery instructions.  Please retain copies of any courier instruction or paperwork should it be required as proof of delivery. Purchasers will be expected meet any postage & packaging costs for delivery.
  4. Monies due from any sales will be remitted to artists by the Treasurer within 28 days of the end of the exhibition.
  5. PAI cannot accept any responsibility for packaging, transportation or loss and artists must insure the work accordingly.
  6. Sales enquiries will be handled by email only.