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Tuesday 28 July 2020, 1-2pm
The Lockdown Lounge – Disability Resource Centre, Paisley

Jean Cameron – President of PAI and Lil Brookes – artist member of PAI

“Art for Art’s Sake”: exploring different aspects of art, including how art can be a way of expressing feelings and emotions (particularly in “lockdown”…!) …Lil Brookes will give a little background on PAI and present Jean Cameron, as their special guest to introduce this year’s online PAI annual exhibition and answer any questions from the workshop participants.

Funded by the Scottish Government Wellbeing Fund

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Wednesday 29th July, 7pm
Renfrewshire Carers Preview Tour
Join by Zoom meeting
Meeting ID: 640 379 6089

Paisley Art Institute in association with Renfrewshire Carers invite you to an informal Preview Tour of the 132nd Paisley Art Institute Annual with Artist Member and Hanging Convenor Eòghann MacColl.

We will visit the viewing rooms and Eòghann will explain a little about this years Annual, highlighting works along the way. Have a wee refreshment as we enjoy the art.