Awards & Prizes 2020

Paisley Art Institute is delighted to offer the following awards and prizes which have been generously sponsored by the following donors:

The Paisley IS Award – an award by Renfrewshire Council’s destination brand team. 
Louise Day, ‘Beach Finds 10’ #086

The Arnold Clark Award – an award by Scotland’s leading automotive retailer.
– WINNER:  Ann Vance, ‘The Party’s Over’ #358

The William and Mary Armour Award – This award has been given since 1993. It is a legacy left by the late Mary Armour in memory of her late husband, William, who was former head of drawing at Glasgow School of Art; they both taught at GSA. The award is in the form of a cash prize and a beautiful vase to keep for a year.
– WINNER:  Georgie McGowan, ‘Connecting Line2’ #236

The James BS Curr Award – This award has been given, since 2008, in recognition of a legacy left by a former PAI treasurer and past archivist. The Award comes in the form of a cash prize and a Silver Quaich to keep for a year, originally designed by Sheana M. Stephen DA in 2008.
– WINNER:  Euan Ross, ‘Field Lines 1’ #315

The Small Painting Prize – an award given by public vote during the run of the annual exhibition.
  Maureen Rocksmoore, ‘Follow Me’ #312

The Glasgow Art Club Award – estd in 1867 one of Glasgow’s longest running artist’s members club.
Lex McFadyen, ‘Orchid in a Blue Bowl’ #230

The Studio Pavilion at House for an Art Lover Award – The winner receives a solo exhibition in House for an Art Lover’s café.
Irene McCann, ‘Early Morning Song’ #226

The White Cart Award – an award by one of Paisley’s boutique arts and crafts stores.
– WINNER: Desi Popzlateva, ‘Botanic Gardens Garage’ #296

Millers Art Award – a voucher to spend at Millers Art Store.
– WINNER:  Lesley Anne Derks, ‘Glasgow Cross Glow #2’ #089

Made in Paisley Award – an award by a leading Paisley art studio.
Hanna Kaciniel, ‘Let’s Stick Together’ #184

The Jamieson Award – An award by Charles Jamieson, past PAI president.
Hugh McKay, Misty Morning over Croy Shore’ #241

The Joe Hargan Award – started by Annelouise when Joe had just retired after 11 yrs as PAI President, to help PAI continue to flourish. Each year they enjoy choosing a work which impresses.
 Ellen McCann, ‘Coming Together’ #225

The Knox Award 2020 – An award by Liz Knox, past PAI President.
  Colin Brown, ‘Berlin’ #041

The Eslyn Barr Award – An award by past PAI Vice-President.
  Marion Drummond, ‘Stargazing’ #096

The Invictus Maneo Award – The Armstrong family motto ‘I remain unvanquished’.
  Fiona Watson, ‘Persistence of Sound’ #360

The Louise Burbour Award – In honour of Maria Budd’s French grandmother, a keen supporter of the arts.
 Jim Wylie, ‘Winter Sunshine’ #383

The Beltane Studios Foundry Award – towards a casting in bronze sculpture
  Zoe Scott, ‘Social Isolation’ #323

The Bessie Scott Award – Introduced by Joe and Anne Hargan in fond memory of Joe Hargan’s mother; in recognition of his mum’s encouragement to keep striving for his dream of becoming an artist. We hope to inspire others to keep up their endeavour.
 Donna Fleureau, ‘Working Hands’ #119

The McKay Award – Introduced by Joe and Anne Hargan set up in memory of two dear aunts who fostered a love of the arts and the belief that the jewels of civilisation are its artistic achievements.
 Ann Armstrong, ‘Arisaig, Traigh Beach’ #011

The Outspoken Arts Scotland – an award by a leading equalities charity for best digital art.
WINNER: Tina Minal, ‘Mixed Bag’ #252

The Bet Low Trust Award – an award to students or practising artists in Scotland in the fields of drawing or painting.
 Karen Phipps, ‘Slowly Burning into the Equation’ #026

Royal Alexandra Hospital Support and Information Service Hub, Paisley Prize – a guaranteed purchase of an artwork.
WINNER: Gary Craig ‘Telephone Box in the Landscape #8’ #080

The Jane Gardiner Award  – a generous gift by a PAI member.
WINNER: Jayne Stokes, ‘Full Circle’ #346

The D&L Award  – a generous gift by past President, David Sutton & past Secretary, Lesley Hinde.
– WINNER: Lys Stevens, ‘songs of the horizon’ #341