25 July - 6 September 2020online link live 25 July 2020
Covid Old Glory by Boo Paterson #287
Covid Old Glory by Boo Paterson #287

25 July - 6 September 2020

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Welcome to Paisley Art Institute’s 132nd ‘Annual’ online.

Welcome to Paisley Art Institute’s 132nd ‘Annual’, an open edition, as in previous years, but our first ever presented online.

This year, due to the restrictions of the COVID-19 lockdown, we invite you into a dynamic virtual environment to enjoy the creativity and talent of our exhibiting artists.

In 2020, we welcome exhibiting artists from further afield than ever before and we welcome this opportunity to position the work of Paisley Art Institute and our members to a global audience. Undeterred by showing work in a virtual rather than physical setting, exhibiting artists invite us to consider themes that have been felt universally in 2020: human connection, a love of nature, the turbulent times we live in to name but a few. Collectively, the online presentation offers much needed optimism, solidarity, and resilience.

With its rich tradition and history as one of Scotland’s longest running exhibitions, ‘porting’ the PAI Annual online has been a fascinating challenge which presented us too with a unique opportunity to reflect on the cultural heritage of Paisley. In the 1820s the Jacquard loom was being used to propel Paisley as a leading light in Scotland’s textiles industry. The intricate punch card input method used laid the foundations of computer technology and ‘coding’ in particular – the building blocks of creating our online presentation.

We are delighted to have worked with Berlin-based Paisley Buddie Andrew Hopkins as our Digital Collaborator who has designed a bespoke series of virtual viewing rooms. It has been important for Andrew to amplify the creative energy of his hometown, especially during lockdown when he is physically cut off from Scotland. We are grateful for the expertise and care that Andrew has brought to developing an online environment to showcase the scale and range of artists in the 132nd PAI Annual.

We welcome the continuous generous support of our Prize Donors and supporters who have taken a leap of faith with PAI into this unchartered territory. Your continued passion for and belief in Paisley Art Institute means the world to us.

Setting audacious and ambitious goals collectively has been a galvanising feat for the Paisley Art Institute Management Committee. Our Exhibition Sub Committee, led by Hanging Convenor Eòghann MacColl, has worked at pace to be crisis responsive and learn to work in new ways. We promised it would be a PAI Annual like no other. We hope you enjoy!

Paisley Art Institute Management Committee
July 2020

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