Zuzanna Salamon

My current studio practice focuses on depicting trees that have been moved and transplanted elsewhere which symbolises my dislocation from home and living in a foreign country. As someone living and traveling all across Europe I am experiencing a lot of cultures but none of them simultaneously.

​The reality of my works falls between the boundary of the real and imaginary world and fuses elements from both. This creates a poetic sensibility that often feels dreamlike. I am often staging or adding to, already existing scenes to create my compositions. The metaphors and symbols that appear in my works come from my own experience of longing for a homeland and Slavic culture which consists of rituals involving worshipping the elemental grandeur of nature. Therefore, a symbolism of trees, cut roots, and fallen leaves often appear in my work as a repeatable concept that reflects on human life and emotions.
I often use dramatic lighting to suggest profound emotional disorientation, which is influenced by classical Eastern literature of writers such as Fyodor Dostoevsky and Adam Mickiewicz. Through my work, I explore my connection to home, but also my experience of living and understanding a foreign country.
Because of its immediacy, mark-making, and tonality, charcoal is currently my primary medium, which I use to build up large-scale drawings.