Zoe Scott

Artist Member

Zoe Scott is a Scottish artist working primarily in concrete. She endeavours to challenge
the perceptions of concrete as a brutal, industrial material and to elevate it from the

She creates collections of small scale works exploring environmental and political issues. Each sculpture is hand build over several weeks, allowing layers of concrete to dry before applying new layers or removing sections. These are juxtaposed with found objects and more tactile elements such as thread. A variety of surface finishes are explored to enhance and alter the concrete. The sculptures encourage interaction and conversation.

Her latest work focuses on the humanity of climate change, our interactions with the landscape and individual responsibility to protect the world and its inhabitants.

Recent Achievements:

Sculptural Vase “Anstruther Harbour” featured in the Royal Scottish Academy 2020 annual exhibition at the National Galleries Edinburgh.

Winner of the Beltane Foundry Sculpture Award from Paisley Art Institute Annual Exhibition 2020 for sculpture “Social Isolation”.

“Limitless Connectivity” sculpture selected for exhibition in The Room, Venice as part of Its Liquid Future Landscapes exhibition November 2020.

Longlisted (top 50 from over 600 entrants) in Doncaster’s Art Fair titled CELEBRATING OUR STRENGTH IN OUR DIVERSITY EXHIBITION 2020 for sculpture “Lifted by Rainbows”

Series of 4 small scale sculptures (“10 Years, Sediment, The institution & Safe as Houses”) selected for exhibition as part of the Six Foot Galleries 10th anniversary show.