Xinyue Gao

I always interested with unobservable objects around us, like concepts, feelings. For me, art is my language to present these visually invisible objects, whether is my own understanding towards them or an answer that is yet to be find. I want to communicate with my audience through my works, I hope my work can be an introduction of these things and let audiences find their own answers. I have a strong feeling toward subjects related to emotions, and mental problems. I feel we can lose ourselves easily in this modern society because things change so rapidly. I did some works related to loneliness during IB, and as I grow up, I start to focusing more on possible reasons behind this situation, the reason behind loneliness, anxiety, afraid of death. etc. I recently started a project about life, the meaning of life, after my grandma passed away. I believe in order to live our lives with no regrets, we have to know what are we living for, what are the meaningful thing for us, instead of go with the flow and lose ourselves.