Vanessa Lawrence

Artist Member

Graduating from the New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture in 2001, I came back to Scotland where I focused predominantly on painting. I have always had a love for sculpture and construction though, and gradually over the past couple of years this has greatly influenced my work. I am excited by the challenge of assembling a variety of materials including wood, metal, plaster and resin, and seeing how they work together, drawing influence from wildlife, colours and textures within my environment.

My process begins by making a wire sculpture which I often part cover in plaster. I will then play with light casting shadows from these sculptures to create a series of drawings and paintings on to paper or canvas, some of which then go on to be set in resin and plaster. One work evolves into several new artworks with the process being just as inspiring to me as the final outcome.

Using such a variety of elements, there can be several different textures within one piece. This tactile quality is important to me and I hope to encourage the viewer to move in and experience this from my work.