Valerie McLean

Trained in Fine Art at Edinburgh College of Art, Valerie McLean is an artist and educator making art and teaching drawing and painting at Leith School of Art in Edinburgh. McLean’s art practice includes drawing, painting, installation, video, photography, and writing. During lockdown, and as a response to the impact COVID-19 has had on our everyday lives, she has been working on an intimate series of small ‘slow’ paintings which take inspiration from the woods and scrub-land next to her home.

Time allows for careful observation of the subtle changes taking place in nature as flowers open and leaves magically emerge from the dry branches and twigs of ancient trees. This beautiful and complex process is reflected in the detail of these small works which demand more than a passing glance. In times when humans are having to rethink and re-evaluate the consequences of their actions in relation to natural processes McLean captures the ongoing subtle interplay of light, colour, and shade, across a small patch of land she calls home.