Tricia Irving

Artist Member

Tricia was brought up and schooled in Ayr, and she always had an interest in art, as it seemed to run in the family. Her father had a keen interest in drawing. After leaving school, she pursued her career in technology but always maintained her art interest. In the mid-90s, she moved to Argyll, and it was there she began to take her art more seriously, inspired by the surroundings and other artists from that area.
She started her art education at Lochgilphead High School to begin her qualifications and managed to find time to study and attend Glasgow School of Art residences and evening classes. Tricia later moved back to Ayrshire in the early 2000s and in 2019, she decided it was time to reset her career, becoming a full-time artist. She is currently studying for her Degree in Art History at the Open University.
Tricia loves the dynamism and energy of abstract expressionism and approaches her painting with the same enthusiasm. She changes her subject matter to ensure she is pushing her creative boundaries. She has exhibited in several exhibitions in Argyll and Ayrshire, and most recently in 2023 at the McLauren Gallery in Ayr at the Paisley Art Institute annual exhibition.