Thyme James

Solor Solus, is part of an ongoing exploration into intimacies which have been lost as a result of the pandemic. Do we take these moments of solace for granted? Can we console ourselves in times of need with the absence of others?

Created from 100 individual monotypes, the animation shows a single figure reaching out as though yawning before embracing themselves through simple line drawing. While the drawing element renders the subject and action, the noise from the prints creates the impression of early film, invoking a sense of nostalgia and memory; these moments will return but, until then, the thought of them is one to reminisce over and the anticipation of having them again continues to build.

Thyme James is a Glasgow based interdisciplinary artist working across painting, printmaking, and performance. Her broad practice focuses on the female form, both as subject matter and as a conceptual tool, exploring gender in relation to the arts, inclusivity, sexuality, and object-hood within a digital era.

Originally from Cornwall, Thyme graduated from The Glasgow School of Art in 2019 with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art Painting and Printmaking, whilst there she attended the Academy of Fine Art Vienna on an Erasmus+ Scholarship in 2016/17. In 2019 she received the New Graduate award from the Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts. Since graduating she has exhibited widely across the UK and Europe with works held in private collections internationally.