Tamara Rogovic

Tamara (b.1999, Kraljevo / Serbia) , a former child prodigy, produced recognized works from the age of 6, beginning her career from the first solo show at the age of 12 to having accelerated education and then entering university at the age of 14. By starting postgraduate studies at the age of 18, she is also the youngest (20 years old) fine art master in the world (ECA MFA Contemporary Art Practice 2019 graduate) and a recipient of the UK visa for exceptional talents and the Serbian Youth Hero for Arts and Culture Award (2019). Tamara has exhibited internationally, with solo exhibitions at the venues like Museum The House of King Peter The First in Belgrade, Culture Centre in Paris, and collectively at Embassy gallery, Whitespace gallery and Sculpture Court at ECA. I am trained in painting, but I expanded into multi-disciplinary art work through my collaborations with artists of varied ages, minority backgrounds and with diverse ethnocultural histories, my interestes expanded as well. Being able to discuss my work in different formats allows me to communicate different perspectives to extensive subjective matter: in relation to political conflicts; perceptions on origin; immigration and non violent, collaborative political actions.