Susan Brown

I studied art at University of Salford before moving to Ullapool in the Northwest Highlands. It is inspiring to be here. Not only is there the spectacular landscape, but also has many artists who make it their home. I work at Highland Stoneware pottery and have a studio in the town. I create art as a way of showing mind space and thought space onto the two dimensions of the paper.

I question existence, and this has become a main influence of mine. The enjoyment I get from making art is fantastic and it is my being. It is important to me to make work that reflects the space of the mind and where it inhabits. The drawing and collage I have included in my entry are an attempt to visualise the different aspects of another dimension. A place that a mirror image or a thought in the mind might reside.

One has Jupiter as the reality floating on some lines of time. Each person has their own timeline that they follow. Balancing between their mind and reality, people need to flow with one another through life. The other is an idea of thoughts floating around with offset doors that symbolise boundaries between the within and without.