Stevie Nicholson

Stevie Nicholson is a Scottish based painter from Clydebank who graduated with a BA (HON) Degree in Contemporary Art Practice. His current working process has him pushing the boundaries of portraiture. Stevie’s work delves into the experimentation of texture and mark making techniques which lead him to develop his work into a contemporary context that is unique and full of energy. He often abandons the trusty paintbrush for scrapers, drips, and found objects around the studio. This gives him the freedom to approach his portraits in abstraction using his objects to create harsh block colour and tone. The portrait becomes a playground for him to experiment his own creativity within the structure of the subject. When creating his work the subject becomes a structure to create spontaneous marks, tone, and colour layer after layer. The final outcome is never the same, always pushing his creative capabilities and developing his unique style. One of Stevies main highlights as an artist was being part of the Castle Galleries INSIGHT:2018 SUMMER EXHIBTION by Washington Green Art Publishers. He made the final 20 out of 600 entrants and was part of the big summer exhibition in Manchester. He was also part of Paisley Art institutes annual exhibition in 2019 were he managed to sell one of his big paintings.