Sarah Jane Miller

Originally from Ayrshire, I studied printmaking at Glasgow School of Art until 1993 and was fortunate to participate in many artist-in residence opportunities and community art projects throughout the 90’s. I am currently a lecturer in a Glasgow college and I am beginning to devote more time to my own creative work now that my two children have grown up. I love working alongside other artists sharing ideas, experimenting with materials, and learning about art. In the last ten years I have worked predominantly with drawing, painting and mixed media. Working from home, I tend to create quickly and love the immediacy of drawing inks and their versatility in combination with other materials. I often begin a piece with no formal plan and use automatic drawing techniques to guide my mark-making. I try to respond to my subject rather than depict every detail. The drawings are in flux, they emerge from total abstraction until some recognisable forms appear. This is a very satisfying process of expressive drawing. My submission ‘lockdown garden’ was made on a blissful summer day using black Indian ink and drawing implements I had fashioned from garden detritus. I tied leaves, string and sticks to bamboo canes and explored drawing with my new tools. I found the detachment from the drawing surface very liberating and the random mark making for me, suggested some of the quiet summer noise of insects and stray airborne seed heads.