Ron Burnett

I’ve practised as a graphic design Creative Director within both the public and private sectors. With a wealth of commercial design experience in branding and communications under my belt, and despite the pressures of decades of deadline working, I’m delighted to say that I have never lost sight of my creative roots.

Having studied at art college in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, and therefore steeped in the rich, Scottish tradition of direct, observational drawing, I continue to indulge my passion for drawing, painting and photography. I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of visually recording events and places visited over many years of travelling, endeavouring to capture my view of their visual uniqueness.

Sadly, the past year has offered challenges of a different type, not least of which has been coping with the limitations on travel and exploration. My submission reflects this, produced during lockdown, it is from a series of drawings recording various domestic settings in my house and garden. Strong stripes of projected sunlight are prominent in the drawing, hopefully reflecting the promise of a better future.