Pentland Ross

Artist Member

Pentland Ross, a Scottish lass who has always had a passion for horses. A self taught equine artist, who has developed a traditional, classic style with a blend of past and present.  Mixing her love of historic Scotland and its classic styles with the deep mutual emotional connection she experienced with her own horses. This is where her paintings begin to reveal sensitive depictions of connections between horses and humans, as they feel it. Her work portrays human emotion by emphasising and revealing the sensitivity and sympathy horses have for us, and other animals, whilst capturing their vulnerability. Studying horse communication with her own horses revealed the total affinity that can be enjoyed, the depth of bond, the trust and truth that exists with the human, horse relationship.   Each having a different characteristics allowing new stories to tell.
Graduating as a graphic designer with a post grad graphic reproduction in Glasgow, later BA in Mass Media and Communication.  Followed a long career in her own graphic design/photography studio focusing on mainly horses and children. Until she found that painting was the key to sharing the gentle, innocent connections that exist, capturing that emotion with the use of soft oils and acrylics, blending light and contrast.