Pascale Steenkiste

Artist Member

I was born in Ostend, Belgium in 1963.  Art was part of my life growing up.  I loved colouring in and drawing as I was a bit of a home bird as a child. Going into my young teenage years I liked making collages, putting images together and glueing them in a scrap book. Living in a seaside resort I would make paper flowers with coloured stretch paper and sell/buy them with shells on the beach during the summer holidays.

My ‘official’ creative journey started back in 2008, attending classes at Glasgow University and Glasgow School of Art.

My interest in psychology and postgraduate diploma in counselling along with my creative background I found myself, in recent years, working with various groups of people including children at a hospice making art.

In 2019 I participated in an on line art course Art2Life with Nicholas Wilton based in California.

I work in acrylics and mixed media on canvas or wood.  I like wood in a way you can scrape and cut into it where it leaves interesting marks.  My paintings always evolve, starting with random mark making, I work intuitively and that comes from daily observation or even having conversations, something will pop into my head.  I also have these kind of moments when I am lying in bed where I always have a wee note book beside me.

I feel very excited about being part of the PAI.