Michael Mullen

I am a painter, living and working in Glasgow. I have been exhibiting and selling my work, since shortly after leaving Art school, in 1988. My work reflects my fascination with my environment, and the subjects of my paintings are selected; partly for their personally symbolic value, and partly because they will allow me to indulge my fascination with creating compositional, textural or colour effects. For the last thirty years, or so I have painted mostly landscapes.

The first work I am submitting, is a view of Ronda, in AndalucĂ­a, which interested me, mainly because of the colour palette, which was so different from those I normally encounter, and the variety of textures, evident. The area itself is fascinating and seems to exude an essence, of the memories, of thousands of years of continual habitation. The view is from the grounds of a ninth century, Mozarab hermitage, and later baroque church, called: “La Virgen de la Cabeza”. The Hermitage is hewn from the rock of the slope that forms one side of the Tajo Gorge, with the city of Ronda sitting on top of the slope, on the far side.

The second work is a view of a palm house and Cherry tree, in Edinburgh Botanic Gardens. It attracted me for much the same reasons as the other painting, and is the kind of scene that inevitably motivates me to meditative contemplation, with a wide variety of possible, metaphorical associations.