Mhairi Corr

I have been creating and exhibiting since graduating from Glasgow School of Art in 1982, making paper pulp from newspapers, converting mass-produced, temporary and disposable stuff into vivid figurative forms.
These individuals are made up of yesterday’s news; opinions, politics, gossip, stories, recipes, births, marriages, deaths and letters to the editor.
The paper pulp is mixed with glue and is used like clay. It is directly modelled onto a wood and wire armature. It is however, a disobedient and unforgiving medium – it does its own thing as it dries. Constant shrinkage of material requires constant augmentation. Each pulp layer has to dry before the next is added.
The figures each have a back story. They provide a surface onto which the viewer can project a situation and a personality. For example, ” Boy ” depicts the boy that appears in old photographs, off to the side of the main event, witnessing the action to be embellished later.