Melitta Bosworth

Artist Member, Life Member

I have been making art work and creating for as long as I can remember so it seemed natural to apply to go to Art School when I was 17. I was accepted to Edinburgh College of Art in 1978 and left in 1982 having completed a 4 year Honours Degree Course. One year General and 3 years in Tapestry Weaving and Design BA(Hons). In those days Tapestry was part of the design department although taught very much from a painterly perspective which maybe has something to do with the fact that currently my main work is as a painter. Many twists and turns have taken place in my journey with creativity since, some of which can be traced through my CV others are just part of my story. Currently I work as an Art Facilitator and Spiritual Accompanier at a Retreat Centre in Perthshire. A newer development is that I am a counsellor at a GPs practice in Perth and am developing private counselling practice at home. As part of my counselling training I have trained in the Person-Centred use of Art in Therapy which I have personally experienced as a very helpful way of expression and now find it rewarding to accompany others in their own explorations particularly in this area. My own art time gives me space for creativity and renewal and reenergises me for working with others. I am presently in a pattern of gathering inspiration, information and sketch work from my holiday and retreat periods and then spending the intervening months working up the sketches into larger mixed media pieces in my work hut at home. At the moment most of my work is landscape based although I still use more abstract imagery to reflect in my own inner landscape and also to reflect on some aspects of counselling and facilitation. My feeling is that in the future I would like to give more space to some developmental work in painting and textile. I really value my time with others in exploring different ways of journeying – it all feels a growing integration in an ever changing landscape.