Matteo Rosa

At the core of my practice is an interest in the unfolding of awareness. This brings me to a fascination for the interconnectedness of things – the play between form and formlessness, transience and stillness, imagination and perception. My research addresses forgotten or neglected aspects of the self, such as the primal feeling of being in one’s own body, at a time when we are exposed to the largest amount of external information in history. I employ various media, from drawing and painting to photography, video and site-specific installation.

The piece I propose for Paisley Art Institute’s 132nd Annual Exhibition is part of a new ongoing painterly series exploring the fluidity and dissolution of matter. I attempt to let the works form themselves, welcoming the unpredictable. Furthermore, the images evoke the correlations between micro- and macrocosm.

– – –

Matteo Rosa was born in Italy in 1978 and is currently based in Malmö, Sweden.

Rosa holds a Bachelor of Arts in Tapestry from Edinburgh College of Art and a Master of Fine Arts in Visual Arts from Malmö Art Academy.

In recent years his work has been shown at Galleria Civica, Trento (IT), Arteles Creative Center, Haukijärvi (FI), Galleri S:t Gertrud, Malmö (SE), Sjöbo Konsthall, Sjöbo (SE) and The Boiler Room, Oslo (NO).