Mary Morrison

Mary Morrison is from the Isle of Harris, and her work is concerned with landscape, mapping and identity.

She is drawn to the space and light particular to the North West of Scotland and is led by the pursuit of ‘memory places’. Mary aims to evoke a sense of place through fluid paint effects which combine with graphic elements of annotation – grids, staves, the language of maps and music recur in her work.

The liminal edges of land and sea are a constant theme in her work, and relate to an exploration of identity and geopoetics – the relationship between an individual and the landscape that has shaped them, something you carry with you, a ‘geography of the mind’. Her work suggests journeys, crossings, edges, tidal lines – always shifting.

She is inspired by relationships between poetry and image, with paintings responding to works by Iain Crichton Smith, Kenneth White, and the Sufi poet, Rumi for example.

‘Morrison’s thoughtful, contemplative works really capture the essence of the Highlands and Islands landscape, influenced by Kenneth White’s Geopoetical theory. … There is fluidity and formality in her technique which is beautifully balanced and her response to the Highland landscape is refreshing and inspired. This work is not about surfaces but understanding…’ Georgina Coburn

Shadow Map V is part of an ongoing series of works which combine meticulously drawn details from a 1930s map of the Western Isles with graphite washes suspended in a wax solution, suggesting landscape, time and erosion.