Marlene Lochhead

Artist Member

I graduated from Glasgow School of Art with a BA Hons degree. I have been a Contemporary Art and Illustration lecturer for over 30 years and am also a visual artist working predominantly in contemporary drawing in a variety of disciplines including printmaking, watercolours and mixed media. My work responds to a particular event, development or observation in my life often depicting a figurative element and the natural environment.

The imagery narrates personal memory, evoking an emotion within an illusionist environment carefully bound in a fluid arrangement of linear drawing which winds through the composition, connecting and balancing. This creates the feeling of an ephemeral snapshot of the memory, a transient juncture chronicled in a perpetual medium and through the discerning eye of the artist. The titles of the work have a central position, their meaning inviting the viewer to assume, deliberate or interpret the meaning, scenario or emotion. The esoteric backdrops provide spaces, voids or places for humanity, for escapism, or for a spiritual or mystical purpose enabling the viewer to tune into the rhythm of nature.

I have exhibited in RSW, RSA, GPS, PAI, GSWA (artist member), RGI and other art organisations.