Marion Back

Artist Member

I am a contemporary abstract artist based in North Ayrshire.  I work mainly in acrylic but employ a range of mediums, materials and techniques to get the desired results.  The pictures I paint are often based on structures or shapes that I can recall from memory, or from imagination.  Sometimes my work is based on still life objects, or fragments found on the beach, or rock formations, or rusty tools in the garage.  I find inspiration all around me.

My process usually starts with a few basic lines and scribbles.  At the early stage I don’t really know where it’s going.  I have no plan; my work is intuitive and immediate, each step responding to the previous mark.    Using colour and basic shapes – lines, squares and circles – the work evolves.  Often texture is created by adding collage, or gel medium, or even polyfilla.

The work ranges in size, from 20 x 20 cms to larger pieces 120 x 90 cms on canvas and paper.

I started out painting as a hobby about 12 years ago, when I stopped working. It soon became an obsession to explore new techniques, materials and styles, and during that time I have attended many courses and workshops. A turning point for me was completing a 4 month intensive portfolio course in 2014 at Bridge House Art in Ullapool.

I have recently found my artistic voice, becoming more confident about my work and the direction I want to go in.  Showing my work has always been daunting and I’m greatly encouraged to be accepted as a member of Paisley Art Institute.