Marie Stewart

My paintings are usually of the natural environment – mountains, sea, trees – although I do sometimes also paint still life. I like to create a sense of being in the landscape, in the kind of places I love. My most successful work is often painted from memory or imagination, or a combination of both. If I can create a bit of mystery that is all to the good. Maybe a viewer will see something they like in the work and then look again and notice something different. Colour is also very important to me, or even a lack of it sometimes. When looking at art at an exhibition it is always the colour that attracts me first.

I have found that making art, although hard and sometimes frustrating work, often brings joy and satisfaction when for instance I have managed to capture on canvas the effect of flickering light through trees or a particular mood that I have been trying hard to achieve or even the look of a nice soft edge in the right place.