Lynsay Stirling

My name is Lynsay Stirling, I am a multi-disciplined artist. I have recently completed my BA (Hons) in Art and Design at the University of Stirling. Before that, I studied Art and Design at New College Lanarkshire then went to Forth Valley to study BA Art and Design. My work is based on my belief that we only realise the importance of someone’s something once it is gone forever.

The works I am exhibiting are Seillean-meala (Honeybee) and Transplant Triangle. Seillean-meala (Honeybee) is an illustration that shows the beauty of a bee at its crucial role in pollinating Scotland’s landscape, where they are being affected by climate change.

Transplant Triangle is an installation that represents organ transplanted between patients and their family members, even though they might not match they may match someone else in the transplant triangle and vice versa. There are three different age groups found within the transplant triangle, a child aged three, a couple in their mid-30’2, and a couple in there late 50’s and early 60’s. Out of these five individuals, one individual gave a donation of a kidney to another in the triangle who was in dire need on one. These two individuals are my parents!