Lorna Morrish

I have been a teacher and weaver of hand woven tapestries for many years. Throughout this time I have explored various techniques of weaving to give a structured surface of variance rather than a total flat weave. I am currently experimenting with tapestries that can be viewed as a 3D art form rather than a framed picture or wall hanging. Designing a tapestry can be a complex process developing from the concept of an idea, the composition then time consuming. However my love for tapestry has never waned and I find the process therapeutic. Sometimes I work freestyle using images in my head directly transferring these into a tapestry. However as I build up the tapestry I may have a change of heart and alter the original transcription of these ideas and thoughts. Inspiration comes from my life and my surroundings around the Cowal Peninsula whether it be flora and fauna or activities in the area. My tapestries range in size from 3cm to 66cm square using natural fibres - wool, linen, cotton, and silk; metals - gold, silver, copper and brass