Libby Parkhurst

Artist Member

Accepted for Glasgow School of Art (on a provisional) at seventeen, the times being what they were, this was not encouraged. But the love never left me and when time allowed I joined an art class and reignited the flame. I am finding myself these days evermore fascinated with water, with Scotland’s waterfalls being the absolute prize.

Water in most any form is a natural meditation for me. Soothing or exciting depending on the rainfall and the season. Changing and evolving as you watch, the light playing with the colours and rock formations. Heavy rain reminds you of the sheer power of Mother Nature, while a rare drought exposes the fragility underneath as it lays the rocks bare, strange formations showing briefly.

I do work mainly in acrylics and pastels but enjoy all mediums, styling from traditional to at times more abstract, I go with how I feel on the day. Painting gives me a sense of freedom to follow my own path. My pictures are something to rest the mind on.