Liam McGrady

Artist Member

I am a Data Analyst with the NHS as my day job but painting and photography are my other passions (not ‘just’ my hobbies).

I started oil painting 2 years ago at the Made in Paisley studios.
I love portraits but recently I have tried other subjects.

A Rose for Elaine (Oil on Canvas, 100cm X 80cm) was my first painting of a flower. It is from a photograph I had taken. It is a thank you to my partner for putting up with me.

Bill Nora Pete 1970 (Oil on Canvas, 80cm X 100cm) is a painting of an old Polaroid I found of my Grandparents and my Great Uncle from before I was born. I found the Polaroid after returning from a holiday in Morecambe, so it felt right as a subject.