Laura Paton

Artist Member

I am a Scottish, self-taught, amateur artist. Who specialises in illustration and digitally drawn art work. Whilst still using traditional drawing techniques. This piece was hand drawn using a tablet and an art app.

Title: Get Up Stand Up!
Influenced by protests throughout the world both historic and present. As represented by the international symbol of power, with a tattoo sleeve. This is to symbolise wearing your heart on your sleeve. The colours are deliberately limited to those used by the suffragette’s movement. The figures shown are a mix of famous faces and everyday people, who inspire hope. Ultimately, it’s about showing they fight with love in their hearts, by fighting for a better world.
We have been told over the years, that protests like: Women’s marches, Black lives Matter, Occupy Wall St and many more protests are a new “woke” phenomenon. However, throughout history we have always stood up and let our voices be heard, calling out injustices and demanding equal power and equality for all. Sometimes we have won, other times all we could do is inspire others with hope for a brighter future.
change is always promised by those in power, but somehow never comes. We are asked to make to do, to wait until tomorrow; but when is tomorrow?
Power and equality for everyone are not debatable issues, so why do we still need to fight for it.
You can change this, because nothing changes if it isn’t challenged! Because if not now when?