Kristina Dickson

Artist Member

Kristina Dickson lives and works in East Dunbartonshire. She has experience of paint, ink and paper. Subjects are wide-ranging from streetscapes to apocalyptic visions. The connecting thread is the people and landscape of Glasgow and Scotland.

“I am torn between trying to make something beautiful (by means of light, colour and texture) and trying to tell a story. So far, the way round it, is to have threads of work: recognisable landscapes involving my local environment; abstraction often using watercolour and ink; and then pure stories usually revolving around the demands we place on our kids (the Glasgow Underground pictures) or apocalyptic visions (Before the Event and After the Event series), these last ones never seem to let up.

A recent thread has been a look at the claustrophobic Covid2020 life we currently squeeze our way through. It can seem idyllic, this enforced family life, cultivating our own garden, but there’s an undercurrent of simmering madness.

Sadly, or happily, nothing is cut and dry, so sometimes a goblin will emerge in a perfectly respectable cityscape or a story about the curse of gaming will be framed in rich vegetation. Or a peek at the distant future reveals that our landfill sites have become deep waterfilled Badlands where by the light of the moon our half-plastic offspring can take a pleasure cruise in a giant swan.”

Winner of Karl Stern Creative Figurative Award  – Paisley Art Institute 103th Annual Open Exhibibition.