Kittie Jones

My work is concerned with the experience of time spent looking and interpreting the natural world. On drawing trips, I will settle in a promising spot and start to develop work from there. The energy in the work comes from the constantly changing elements of the natural world – birds moving in and out of vision and the shifting quality of weather and light. My attempts to capture the change are what interests me, as well as my enchantment with a world which, as a human, I will only ever occupy the edge of.
Recently I have been revisiting and expanding work made during drawing trips. Fast Castle – Space and Light was begun during a glorious peaceful day on the East Lothian coast in summer 2020. This often deserted peninsula has glorious views up the Firth of Forth, down to St Abb’s Head, and out to the North Sea. It has a curious human history but is now largely given over to wildflowers, buzzing insects, and seabirds flying past while seals bask below. The original monochrome drawing has been expanded and worked up back in the studio. I’m increasingly interested in how harnessing memory of place can allow for a more expressive language to come through in the work.