Kim Appleton

I am currently studying a BA in Fine Art. I am very experimental, and I love to paint in a fairly abstract style exploring textures and mark making. I use various tools to make marks: palette knives, brushes, card, sticks, cutlery, and anything really that comes to hand! Through this exploration of the media, the subject will slowly appear through the layers. Normally I paint abstracted landscape features with acrylics or oils but this particular still life was created as part of my coursework in 2019 and was featured in the one of the Open College of the Arts Showcase publications. To create the background, I allowed puddles of coffee to dry and create interesting patterns. Then I used India ink applied with a stick to draw the kettles and acrylic inks, also with a stick or knife, to convey the colour. Applying the ink with a stick allows much greater freedom and spontaneity. You have to accept the blobs and splotches. I welcome these inconsistencies because they reflect the imperfect world we live in and ultimately reinforce my work and guide it’s development.