Kenneth Gould

I work full time shift work for the NHS and use art as a way to de-stress on my time off. Being red/green colour blind I find the subtlties of shading and colour choice a real challenge sometimes, but I love painting. I was taught to use oil paints by my father who work as an artist for most of his working life. Now retired he still gives me the occasional pointer…
I have spent the last couple of years of my painting journey working out my own style.

In my landscape ‘Harris Scene’ I wanted to show off the rugged unique beauty of the island. The threat of rain is in the air… but in 10 minutes it will be a sunny paradise.

My portrait submission is of my beautiful wife Caroline squinting in the sun. The composition is designed to be hung next to a window. It gives off a feeling of warmth for those dull dreary days, as you imagine the sun streaming in.